Najmeh And Killian

Shooting someone’s wedding should always be seen as a huge honour. I’ve done weddings with my uncle before, but never have I been asked to be the main shooter of a wedding… Until Najmeh and Killian asked me to be there to capture the day. Getting the news that I’d actually be doing this job on my own was so humbling that they found my work good enough for the role of their wedding photographer.

Never would I have expected that anyone could be as relaxed for the day as these two were. Honestly, the atmosphere in the morning for both of them was laid back, no nerves shown from either of them. The venue, Prehen house, was where Najmeh got ready in. It was scattered with all of these interesting items everywhere. The place suited these two down to the ground.
The pictures explain the day better than I could with words, but it was safe to say it was a terrific day and I was given such an amazing experience, I couldn’t thank these guys enough.
Yvonne De Fleur boutique –
Prehen House –

Najmeh and Killian would like to acknowledge Colin Peck and Declan McLaughlin for their help in organising this day at Prehen house. Colin Peck sadly passed away on the 19th August 2015.

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